Item Upload Dealer Tool

Strategic approach for overhauling a seller web application.

User Research Consulting

Various research studies for consultancy clients.

Google Fiber

Brand-new product offering ultra-high speed Internet, starting in Kansas City.

Horse Show Management Software

Personal project to create software for managing horse show entries and events.


Consumer security software.

TSW Conference

Heuristic evaluation and recommendations for the conference website.

Dead simple bookkeeping software for small businesses.

Checkout Redesign |

Complete redesign of the checkout framework and process across all corporate sites.

My Gallery |

Increase email acquisition by making it easy for unregistered users to save items to a personal gallery.

Subjects Page |

Convey the breadth of the production selection and encourage browsing behavior.

Artists Page |

Create a quick, short-term solution for an out-of-date page.

CARad Inventory Management Tool | eBay

Improve the usability and effectiveness of the inventory management tool, used by power users who sell cars on eBay.

Bidding Flow Registration | eBay

Increase the number of unregistered eBay users who successfully place their first bid on an auction.

Local, Maps, Yellow Pages Research | Yahoo!

Plan and conduct a series of research studies to answer questions about user needs regarding local-based goals.

About Me

I specialize in working within cross-functional, collaborative teams to create user interfaces that are not only useful, usable, and desirable, but also ''invisible'' - in other words, creating an effortless experience.

Trained in user research, I am a firm believer in maximizing the potential of a design by leaning on sound data, feedback, industry knowledge, and best practices.