Bidding Flow Registration | eBay

Role: Lead UI Designer

Users must be registered in order to place a bid on eBay. This project aimed to increase registration rates by reducing the number of pages involved and optimizing the details of every single step to minimize abandonment.


  • Registration is required for anyone who wants to place a bid.

Step 1

  • Visual emphasis and instructional text provide guidance and context to new users.

Step 2

  • Selecting a User ID used to be a clunky 2-page process. The redesign allowed users to check the availability of User ID's on the fly, thus minimizing abandonment and increasing user engagement with the site.
  • The overall page design was simplified by using bold sparingly and simplifying a previously-imposing Terms of Use section.
  • A framework for providing inline answers to common questions (e.g. why is my phone number required) facilitated conversion and trust.

Step 3

  • Visual hierarchy established to communicate additional steps were required.
  • The first action on the page is the primary action.
  • Hyperlinks are applied in context to create a concise design as well as conform to accessibility standards.

Step 4

  • Visual headline reiterates the purpose of the email.
  • Salutation makes the email personally relevant to the user.
  • Image and item details remind the user of the item for which they had originally wanted to place a bid.
  • Prominent call to action encourages taking action.

Step 5

  • Headline provides context for returning to the website.
  • Instructions on how to bid are provided to the newly registered user. Bidding is a frequently misunderstood concept for new eBay users.


  • Sticky notes were used to brainstorm potential page-by-page flows as well as analyze the existing flow.


  • Framework describing the content layout of the Enter Info page of registration.
  • Instrumental in communicating variations by country site .
  • Registration is required for anyone who wants to place a bid.